Sound installation, Exhibition space of the Schering Foundation, Berlin, Germany
Drone production and programming: Sukandar Kartadinata
Drone mechanics and exhibition fixtures: Christoph Blattmacher
Technical assistants: Eckehard Güther, Vito Willems, Christian Trempler, Carsten Haid
Organization and realization: Markus Steffens
Comissioned and curated by Carsten Seiffarth

images / text / movie

The site is the exhibition space of the Schering Stiftung, a white cube withe a column in one spot. The installation adds 2 more columns and a fourth virtual one. Three of the drones are mounted to the three "real" columns. A forth drone generates the free flying 4th corner of the tetrahedron. The machine is performed and secured by the presence by a drone master and a universal interface. The spacial construction is marked and guided with a black and white painting mirroring the one, two and 3D versions of the numerical system of Tetraktys. Each Performance lasted 10 minutes and took place 4 times per hour.

TETRACTYS I & II have been part of "entre límites/zwischen grenzen" – an exhibition and residence project of singuhr – projects berlin and Goethe-Institut Mexico, a project of the Mexico Year in Germany 2016/2017. Made possible with the kind support of the Berlin Senate Office for Cultural Affairs.